The Leader. The Light. The Truth.

How we came to be the Buckled Few

"On the day of The Great Unbuckling we'll all be returned to the infinite pocket in the sky. It will be zipped closed and we will be safe for the rest of time. Praise be to The Leader." — The Leader

For each of us, there's a time before and a time after we find the way of The Buckle. We start out small, seeking comfort from our care-givers. We receive that comfort in the way of overalls. B'gosh, it works, we find that comfort.

As we grow we're fed a line by Big-Pants, that pants are the one true leg cover. And what better way to hold these pants onto your frame than the use of a belt? Knowing of course that a belt is the devil's headband, and by putting our youth in this position we've corrupted them absolutely.

The Leader frees us. The Leader teaches us that we can un-cinch the devil's headband, and free our families from the pinch of Big-Pants. We can be free through the Overall Better