O.V.E.R.A.L.L. B.E.T.T.E.R.


The only way to trust your own mind is to give your mind to The Leader


A larger group is bigger than the smallest among us. Each day we step forward for the ritual of unbuckling in front of - and for - The Leader


Studio albums by Evanescence are to be listened to AND HEARD


Anyone who moves against the group will be unbuckled and taught the lesson which can not be unlearned


The family you are born into means far less than the overalls you step into. Reject those who don't follow in the way of the Overall Better.


Upon receiving your ritual garb, you must unload your deepest spiritual pockets to The Leader. Everything is recorded.


A contract is stored in the deepest pockets of the Overall Better. This acts as a buckle, connecting us, for the next four thousand years.

Birth rate

No rubbers.

Essential Oils

The Leader shall be given an aromatherapy treatment once every Thursday night, during the unbuckling ceremony

Turn 'em in

We shall remain as a buckle, connected and secure. If there's reason to believe that one of the Buckled Few has acted against the Overall Better, they shall be stripped and shunned. The reporting member shall be given 40 points.

The book

Buy - and keep in your chest pocket at all times - a copy of the book "The Devil Wore A Belt - A story of atonement brought to you by The Overall Better" by The Leader.

Every day

Never deviate from the ways of the Buckled Few


We're going to heaven.

What's so bad about belts?

Belts are the devil's headbands. You can't strap yourself into pants without cinching yourself closer to the devil.

What about suspenders?

There are some instances when suspenders are acceptable. They are a highly acceptable form of pant retention when compared to belts.