The Devil's Headband.

The belt epidemic in the grand ol' U.S. of A.

It's written that the devil first came to earth wearing little more than a headband and pleated khakis. Upon closer inspection, this true story reveals itself. The Buckled Few can see that this is the introduction of the belt to our world.

The start of The First Cinch, a time when all was dark. The devil used this time to tighten his hold by three (3) belt notches. It was this first tightening that created the abomination of the belt, as understood by the common man.

The belt was left to us as a reminder of the ways of discomfort. We learn at a young age, a belt is required, as is suffering.

A Better Way. The Only Way.

How to loosen your belt and become free.

When The Leader first showed us all the Way of The Buckle, we opened our eyes, our hearts, and our tight belts. That first freedom was the start of a new understanding.

The Leader had cleared our minds and helped us slip into something a bit more comfortable - The Overall Better. It was in the early days of The Overall Better, The Leader found us - The Buckled Few.

Overall Better